What’s in the bottle of wine you drink with dinner?

On June 15, Standing for Justice and the Oakmont Democratic Club will present a look into the hidden side of the multibillion-dollar wine industry. Our topic:  What goes into the bottle of wine you drink with your dinner?  

We will meet in the patio of the Central Activity Center (310 White Oak Drive). 
6:30 socializing; 7:00 program.  No zoom available for this meeting. 
This meeting will replace the regular monthly meeting of the Oakmont Democratic Club in June.

Max Bell Alper from North Bay Organizing Project/ Jobs with Justice will put a human face on the vineyard workers’ struggles for fair wages and safe working conditions. Some vineyard workers will be here to share their own stories. We sip our favorite wines with a greater understanding of the “overtones” and “undercurrents” or the “fruit forward” taste of the wines than with an appreciation of what it takes for the wine to get onto our tables and into our glasses.  Before the wine makers do their magic… whose hands tend the vines?  Whether it’s wildfires, floods, or extreme heat, farmworkers are the first impacted by climate-change fueled disasters. Our Sonoma County farmworkers are organizing to win the basic right to disaster pay– compensation for lost hours and hazard pay when working conditions are dangerous–while the multi-billion-dollar wine industry continues making profits year after year.  When we evacuate, the vineyard workers stay in the fields picking grapes. Where is the justice in this practice?  Our vineyard workers are the invisible but essential side of the wine industry. We would not enjoy Sonoma County wines without them. They deserve our support. Come hear their stories. We will also hear what wineries support the vineyard workers and which do not.  Where should we be buying our wine?