Indivisible Sonoma County

77 Days We have 77 days until November 3 to take back our country (as of posting this article to The war on peaceful

7/23: Meet Chris Rodgers and Jackson Boaz

Join us for our monthly meeting and participate in a discussion with Chris Rogers Santa Rosa City Council member, who is up for reelection. Among other topics, we will discuss the environment, policing in SR, BLM, and the state of his reelection.

Editors Note

Welcome to the maiden launch of the Oakmont Democratic Club website. Our goal is to connect with like minded people and provide information and updates

Let’s Help Fix Sonoma County’s Pain

Oakmont Progressives, Chris Thompson: Economic Justice and Prop 15               PROP. 15 WILL MAKE IT FAIR                        By Chris Thompson In July, we began a series-long look

9/24: Discuss The Ballot

The Thursday, September 24th General Zoom Meeting of the ODC will have important information on the fall elections, including discussion of the 12 state ballot measures

Sonoma County Democratic Party

Change We’re working at the local level for policies that benefit all members of our community. We believe health care is a right, not a privilege. We