California Drought Housing Prices

Some of the most consequential limits are driven by natural forces. Record temperatures coupled with drought are wreaking havoc on agriculture. Hundreds of wells are

Happiness We’ve Been Missing

There’s a specific type of joy we’ve been missing lately. In late June there were 15,000 vaccinated people watching Dave Chappelle at Madison Square Garden.


Beat the Heat and the Recalls Join us live or Zoom on Thursday, July 22 at 6:30 PM at the East Rec. Center {7902 Oakmont Dr.} as

Voter Suppression

Our May 27th meeting will focus on voter suppression, that has been spreading like wild fire all over the country. And we know about wild fires.


U.S. Senate Bill S1 The United States Senate is putting forth Senate Bill S1 (the For the People Act).  Already passed by the U.S. House of

How California Gets to Green!!!

On Thursday, March 25th, if you want to take some positive action on the Climate Crisis join us for an interactive presentation from The Climate Center,

How did Unite Here take back 2020?

Progressive Friends, We hope that many of you have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus and are doing well.  Because of the vaccinations, we may just