Fires, Forests, Microbes, Hope

As we hopefully approach the end of fire season, the Oakmont Democratic Club meeting on Thursday, October 28th will feature two linked presentations about the

Speak Up and Let’s Go!

While we work against the Recalls to make sure a Trump supported Republican does not become our next Governor, we also want to look ahead.

California Drought Housing Prices

Some of the most consequential limits are driven by natural forces. Record temperatures coupled with drought are wreaking havoc on agriculture. Hundreds of wells are

Happiness We’ve Been Missing

There’s a specific type of joy we’ve been missing lately. In late June there were 15,000 vaccinated people watching Dave Chappelle at Madison Square Garden.


Watch the YouTube video where the ODC joined in-person and on Zoom resuming our monthly General Meetings with a social and presentations regarding two critical special recall elections.

Voter Suppression

Our May 27th meeting will focus on voter suppression, that has been spreading like wild fire all over the country. And we know about wild fires.