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Mike Thompson Visits Oakmont [Video)

Promotional Memo For This Past Event: On Monday, August 8 the Oakmont Democratic and Progressive Clubs will host Congressmember Mike Thompson at East Rec. All

County Sheriff Candidates Debate

Press Release for this Past ODC Event: Monday, April 11, 7 p.m. – East Rec Center  The Oakmont Progressives and Oakmont Democratic Club will host

Celebrate and Make Good Trouble

Press Release for this Past ODC Event: While we worry about the global mess, The Oakmont Democratic Club will focus on what we can do

Indivisible Sonoma: Key Issues for Upcoming 2022 Elections

At our recent Zoom General Meeting of the Oakmont Democratic Club, we shared a proposed plan of action that will have opportunities for Oakmonters to improve our local community. Larry Martin, of Indivisible Sonoma, shared updates on the upcoming 2022 elections and key issues that will shape our future.

Fires, Forests, Microbes, Hope

Maya Khosla is a wildlife biologist and writer. She has documented ways to be wise about wildfire-as it relates to forests- through the lenses of fire scientists and firefighters. Anne Jaccopetti has taught every grade from first through twelfth, and finished as Education Director at Woodland Star, the Waldorf inspired charter school just down the road from Oakmont.

Beat The Recalls: District Attorney Jill Ravitch & Governor Newsom

District Attorney Jill Ravitch spoke live and in person about the recall that targets her. We also received a presentation on the campaign against the Republican recall of Governor Newsom. Watch to learn what the latest is on these elections and what we can do. Please consider joining Oakmont Democratic Club. It’s a wonderful time to meet other civic-minded Oakmonters! All Oakmonters are welcome.