The True Cost of War

When we think about the cost of something, a dollar amount usually comes to mind. What about intangible costs – personal, social, emotional, psychological, environmental, to name a few – of society’s existential issues?

USMC Sgt. Hank Kelty bore witness to myriad costs of war when he served in South Viet Nam from December 1968 through June 1970. As a Combat Photojournalist in the Public Affairs Office of the 1st Marine Division, he photographed and wrote about the harsh realities and experiences of US military service members. His stories were published in Stars and Stripes, Sea Tiger, and Leatherneck Magazine. He received an award for best combat story from the Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association. Since his return to civilian life, he has continued to investigate inaccuracies promoted by the US government to conceal the true costs of war. He now lives in Oakmont and is a founding member of the Oakmont Veteran’s Club.

The Oakmont Progressives Club were proud to present veteran Sgt. Hank Kelty to the East Rec Center on November 14th to speak on the true costs of war.