Tax Credits and Cash Rebates for Energy Efficiency!


We’ve got a great panel coming up that might be of interest to the groups interested in energy efficiency.  Please feel free to forward this information.

The next meeting of the Oakmont Futures Club will be September 14 at 4 PM in East Rec and on Zoom.

The topic is how you can benefit from the tax credits and cash rebates in the new Inflation Reduction Act passed in August. Not only can you contribute to reducing your personal carbon footprint, you can save money at the same time. The bill offers both tax credits (direct reductions in taxes due) and rebates (cash paid directly) for major energy efficiency actions.

The credits and rebates are somewhat complex, so there will be a panel of experts to explain them.
– Joe Pundyk to explain the status of electric vehicle credits
– Mike Pane from Synsolar to explain the new credits for solar panels and batteries
– Kimberly Beltran from Sonoma Clean Power to explain credits and rebates available for home energy improvements like heat pumps

Because heat pumps are a new concept for many, we’ll also have Mike Canonico, an HVAC specialist, who will explain how the work and the process of purchasing and installing them.

Many of the cash rebates are income dependent. This is based on the average household income in Sonoma County. For 1 person, that’s $78,950. For 2 people that’s $90,250. Full rebates are based on household income of 80% of average household income and half of the rebates are still available so long as you have less than 150% of average household income.

The Zoom meeting is here:
Meeting ID: 889 9461 7856
Passcode: 717721