Sonoma County Sheriff: “Prepared To Respond”

Message from ODC to Police and Sheriff

Dear Chief of Police Navarro and Sheriff Essick:

As Board Members of the Oakmont Democratic Club, we are concerned about a recent FBI bulletin warning of armed protests at all 50 state capitols ahead of Inauguration Day.

We urge you to make preparations now in the event of unrest in our communities as the prospect of violence does not bode well for even our local towns and cities here in Sonoma County.

Starting this Wednesday January 13, as the House of Representatives votes to impeach Trump, and going forward till post-Inauguration Day, we want you -our Police and Sheriff’s Departments- to reassure us that you will be ready and on alert to protect our community.  Furthermore, we ask that you publicly announce your preparations for ensuring our safety and readiness to address any violence.

With gratitude for standing up for us and our Country.

Chris Thompson, Vice Chair Oakmont Democratic Club for
Tom Amato, Chair Oakmont Democratic Club
Ida Egly, Secretary Oakmont Democratic Club
Marcia Babb, Oakmont Democratic Club
Carol Johnson, Board Member Oakmont Democratic Club
Sue Aiken, Board Member Oakmont Democratic Club
Kate Bond, Board Member Oakmont Democratic Club
Sandi Shulkin, Board Member Oakmont Democratic Club
Cc: Mayor Chris Rodgers
Lynda Hopkins, Board of Supervisors

Response from Sheriff

Dear Oakmont Democratic Club Board Members,

On behalf of Sheriff Essick, thank you for contacting the Sheriff’s Office with your concerns. We understand this is a nerve-wracking time. We are in regular communication with our local, State, and Federal law enforcement partners. The Sheriff and his executive team receive multiple briefings each day with updated intelligence. While we hope the next few weeks are peaceful, we are prepared to respond if needed.

Misti D. Wood
Community Engagement Liaison