Postcard Opportunities with the PerSisters

Dear PerSisters,

WE’RE BAAACK!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We sincerely hope you and yours had a safe, healthy, and happy Holiday season.  ARE YOU READY TO WORK AGAIN?!!

The 2022 midterms are approaching and you all realize that we have MUCH work to do to keep or maintain the House and increase our numbers in the Senate.  BUT, from what our sources are telling us, it is not as hopeless as the media portrays. To quote Robert Hubbel, “We can beat them.  We did it in 2018 and 2020.  We can do it again…we are in this fight not only for our fellow citizens, but for future generations.”  So PerSisters, lets be hopeful and press on!  Dust off those colored pens and the white out, here we GO!

We have one campaign to start with:ROV (Reclaim Our Vote) special postcards to voters of color in Texas, asking them to vote in the May 1st primary; they were put at a great disadvantage due to redistricting.  The cards need to be mailed by February 14.  We will continue to put together packets of 20 postcards, postage, scripts, names and addresses and instructions.  Even though costs for the postcards have risen, we’ll continue to charge $10 per packet.  For those who can’t do $10 at this time, please leave whatever you can afford.  

Packets will be available on Sunday morning on Eileen’s porch: 117 Jasie Lane in “The Orchard” in Oakmont.  Thank you to all who will be staying with us this year….please let us know if you’d like your name removed from our roster.  At some point, we’re still hoping to have a get together so we can meet one another….but COVID is our nemesis right now.Take care and lets persist!Sue and Eileen
P.S.A campaign for CA22 is in the works….more on that later.