Dianna MacDonald and More Joy [Video]

Promotional Memo For This Past Event:

Come hear a free concert by Oakmont’s premier music group, MORE JOY, enjoy good food and good conversations with fellow Oakmont progressives, and meet Oakmont’s new City Council member, Dianna MacDonald.

Instead of their usual summer picnic, Oakmont Progressives will host a Summer Potluck at the East Rec Center. All are welcome, but Oakmont Progressives ask that you use the RSVP link on our website, oakmontprogressives.org to reply, so that they can know how many will attend and what food is planned to bring for sharing.  Please bring enough to share with 6 – 8 people and label the ingredients so that those with food allergies will know what they can eat.  This will be a BYOB event, though the club can provide some wine and soft drinks.  Since seating is somewhat limited, please RSVP as soon as possible.


Since the band will perform indoors, we hope that all attending will be vaccinated or wear a mask when not eating.

The event will include a brief presentation by Oakmont’s new City Council member, Dianna MacDonald, so that we can get to know her in an informal setting.  And we’ll end the evening with a performance of their always thoughtful and upbeat music by MORE JOY! 

Save the Date:

Monday, August 08 — The regular meeting of the Progressives will feature Mike Thompson, our congressman from Napa and Sonoma counties.  The meeting will be at the East Rec as usual, 6:30 social and 7:00 PM presentation.  Because of the press of business, the congressman will attend by Zoom.  The meeting will be Co-sponsored with the Oakmont Democratic Club.

Because of the events of the past year, with the revelations of the Jan 06 Committee, the mass shootings in Uvalde, Buffalo and elsewhere, the war in Ukraine, etc., we suspect that Oakmont’s Progressives will have much to discuss with the Congressman.