Oakmont Progressives Meeting

Progressives Meeting Monday, July 10, 6:30 Social, 7 PM talk and discussion — East Rec Center and on Zoom.

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 878 2936 9630
Passcode: 453237

When America had a large percentage of its workers unionized, it also had a large and thriving middle class and upward mobility.  As unions have been attacked and driven into retreat, we have seen the greatest economic inequality in our history.  Unions had their problems, but they also created a more just and sound economy. 

On Monday, July 10, we will hear from Marty Bennett , Sonya Karabel, and a Fairmont Hotel worker, who will follow up on a strong turnout of Oakmonters at the February rally of workers seeking better conditions for workers at the luxury Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn.

Last fall, Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn workers initiated a union organizing campaign. Workers want to affiliate with UNITE HERE Local 2, a union representing 15,000 hotel, airport, and food service workers in the greater Bay Area. Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn workers demand living wages, affordable health care, and improved working conditions. At the Oakmont Progressives meeting, UNITE HERE staff members Sonya Karabel and Marty Bennett and a Fairmont worker leader will provide an overview of the campaign, the challenges workers confront, and how Oakmont residents can support the organizing
campaign. Q and A will follow the presentations.

At the February 9 th Rally, the Sonoma Index-Tribune quoted Aesthetician Ale Santoyo that “the Sonoma Mission Inn has cut jobs to save money, pushing their responsibilities onto the remaining employees. I’m standing in front of you all because of the housekeepers, the dishwashers, and everybody else who is not only overworked and underpaid, but also mistreated and disrespected.” By contrast, the Fairmont San Francisco is unionized and a recent news release from UNITE HERE Local 2 highlighted the discrepancy in pay between union and non-unionized employees in the Bay Area, saying, “housekeepers at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn make $21, compared to $28.10 at the Fairmont San Francisco.”

In addition, UNITE HERE Local 2 and legal representative Ivy Yan have filed a case with the National Labor Relations Board alleging “threatening employees with adverse consequences for union activity,” “surveilling employees’ union activities,” among other allegations. The Labor Board issued several rulings favorable to the Union which will be presented.

The Progressives welcomes all Oakmonters to join us for the 6:30 PM Social followed by the 7:00 PM Presentation. More information, and a zoom link Is also available on our website: oakmontprogressives.org

Please come for the Social at 6:30, and feel free to bring libations and light appetizers to share.