No Meeting This June,
Catch Up On Our Videos

The Oakmont Democratic Club normally meets the 4th Thursday of every month in the East Rec Center and on Zoom. This June 23 we will be taking a break. In the meantime, please check out some of our latest videos of previous meetings.

If you have a Google/YouTube account, it helps our cause greatly, if you like our videos on YouTube, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Click the link below to subscribe to our channel and like our videos:

This video is a forum where together, we can learn more about the historical roots of white supremacy, critical race theory (CRT), voter suppression in our country and how we got from “there to here.”  Why are US history, CRT and voter suppression being weaponized today to target marginalized communities and divide rather than unite us?  This is the new playbook and we must be part of the wave that pushes back on hate in peaceful and constructive ways.  Let’s find ways to speak truth to hate “out there.” Click To Watch Now

On April 11, the Oakmont Progressives and Oakmont Democratic Club hosted a forum for the three candidates that are in a hot race for County Sheriff. Dave Edmonds, Eddie Engram, and Carl Tennenbaum are all experienced law enforcement officers who would each bring a distinct background and vision to the Sheriff’s Office. Click Here To Watch

While we worry about the global mess, The Oakmont Democratic Club will focus on what we can do that is positive.  At our March 24th hybrid (in-person/zoom) General Meeting, we held a Postcard Plus Party.  Oakmonters have done great work in numerous postcard campaigns, and we want to celebrate that work with food and fun and look at how we accelerate our work.   We also want to explore other ways Oakmonters can help promote democracy in both the upcoming elections and in critical issue work.  Click Here To Watch