Election Battles in CA: Congress and Sonoma County

This meeting has already occurred. Enjoy the recording of this meeting below:

Announcement for this meeting:

Major decisions will be made in the June primary regarding both the US Congress and local law enforcement.  At the 7PM February 24th Zoom only meeting of the Oakmont Democratic Club, we will hear from Sheriff Candidate Kevin Burke, District Attorney Candidate Carla Rodriguez, and Ronen Schatsky, Campaign Field Director for Congressmember Josh Harder.

Former Healdsburg Chief of Police Burke, endorsed by the Democratic Party, is seeking to bring serious reforms to the County Sheriff’s Department which has been subject to multiple lawsuits in recent years.

Carla Rodriguez, who is running for District Attorney, has been endorsed by both Congressmember Mike Thompson and current District Attorney Jill Ravitch.  Ms. Rodriguez has served in the Department for over 24 years and has prosecuted cases ranging from homicides, to elder abuse to environmental violations.

There is a major fight over control of the House of Representatives this year.  Congressmember Josh Harder, whom Oakmont helped elect in 2018, is facing a fierce fight as redistricting radically changed his district and has him facing a well-funded Republican.

All Oakmonters are welcome to attend. 

About Josh Harder and the Fight to Control Congress:

In 2018 Oakmonters played an active role in flipping the House.  Our support in many areas helped Josh Harder defeat 5 term Republican Jeff Denham. In 2020 Oakmonters again helped now Congress Harder defeat a far-right Republican in a key race that allows for the current Democratic Congress to support Biden’s agenda.  California’s non-partisan redistricting chopped up Josh’s Congressional District in thirds.  When Stockton’s Democratic Congressmember decided to retire potentially opening the door for a Trump supporting Republican to flip that seat.  Harder decided it was important to run in the new San Joaquin County District which included about 1/3 of his base.  This will be a key battleground in keeping Trump supporters from retaking the House and creating chaos for the next two years.

Among the things Harder has supported include:

  • Trumps Impeachment twice
  • The American Resue Plan
  • The Infrastructure Bill
  • The Voting Rights Bill
  • The Build Back Better Bill

Ronen Schatsky who is in charge of field operations for the Harder Campaign will join us to examine how we can help keep Congress Blue

About Kevin Burke:

Candidate for Sonoma County Sheriff, Kevin Burke was born and raised in St. Helena. After graduating Boalt Hall Law School in 1991, Kevin started his career as a deputy district attorney before deciding to follow his heart and pursue a law enforcement career.  His 30 year  law enforcement career spans roles as a Police Officer, Sergeant, Internal Affairs Advocate, and 15 years as a police chief for two different Cities: Healdsburg and Lakeport, where he also served as City Manager.

As a police chief, Chief Burke focussed on building strong relationships with the entire community and creating an exceptional workplace for his team. Believing that police can do more for our community than only respond to crimes, Chief Burke started innovative programs in Healdsburg to restore community trust in law enforcement, prevent overdose deaths, and to better address calls involving the unhoused, addiction, and mental illness.

A certified Emergency Management Specialist with a MS in Public Safety from Johns Hopkins University, Chief Burke also led the City of Healdsburg through several floods and major wildfires.  His vision is to take this experience and his passion for public safety and and use them to enhance the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Jill Ravitch and Carla Rodriguez

About Carla Rodriquez Carla Rodriguez is a Chief Deputy District Attorney working for the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office. She has been a prosecutor for over 24 years handling a wide variety of caseloads and assignments including adult and child sexual assault.  Carla currently supervises the Elder Protection Unit as well as the mental health caseload.  She is an active member of Sonoma County Women in Law and the Sonoma County Bar Association.  Current District Attorney Jill Ravitch is also expected to attend the ODC meeting. Carla has taken more than 70 cases to jury trail giving her a strong background to lead the DA’s Office.