Educational Forum by Standing for Justice [VIDEO]

Press Release for this Past ODC Event:

WHAT: A forum where together, we can learn more about the historical roots of white supremacy, critical race theory (CRT), voter suppression in our country and how we got from “there to here.”  Why are US history, CRT and voter suppression being weaponized today to target marginalized communities and divide rather than unite us?  This is the new playbook and we must be part of the wave that pushes back on hate in peaceful and constructive ways.  Let’s find ways to speak truth to hate “out there.”   

WHEN: Thursday May 26th at 6:30 (social), 7:00 (program) 

WHERE: East Rec Center and on Zoom 

HOW: We’ll reference relevant writings, present some video clips, and facilitate a discussion to bring awareness to the issues, to how they impact us here and now, and to what we can do about them 

WHO: All Oakmont residents and guests are welcome to attend and participate 

Our world and our country now need engaged Oakmonters! 

May our light stay turned on until our life gets turned off. 

Questions? Contact Oakmont Standing for Justice club leaders Kathie Weston & Robin Jurs (,