Damon Connolly CA State Assembly

Announcement for this event:

Assemblymember Damon Connolly will join us at the September 28th 7PM Open Meeting of the Oakmont Democratic Club at the East Rec Center (7902 Oakmont Drive). The California Legislature just finished its 2023 session and Assemblymember Connolly will share his perspectives about what was accomplished and what failed to pass.  Assemblymember Connolly had seven bills passed by the Assembly and moved to the Senate. Among the top priorities in Connolly’s first year in the Assembly were climate change and protecting the environment.  He also focused on legislation attacking the state’s housing crisis. Assemblymember Connolly will also share an update on local funding including helping secure over $2,700,000 for our county to expand the transition for the homeless from encampments to permanent stable housing.