Celebrate and Make Good Trouble

Press Release for this Past ODC Event:

While we worry about the global mess, The Oakmont Democratic Club will focus on what we can do that is positive.  At our March 24th hybrid (in-person/zoom) General Meeting, we will have a Postcard Plus Party at the East Rec Center, 7902 Oakmont Drive.  Oakmonters have done great work in numerous postcard campaigns, and we want to celebrate that work with food and fun and look at how we accelerate our work.   We also want to explore other ways Oakmonters can help promote democracy in both the upcoming elections and in critical issue work.  The evening will include a social with food, drink and music; training on post carding (it’s easy); a raffle; and discussion of the current political situation and what we can do. 

As an action step that evening, we will see if, as a Club, we can write 300 postcards to help important campaigns.  Political campaigns use postcards in many ways.  Sometimes the focus is on low propensity voters who are often ignored by campaigns.  In addition, post carding is used to educate voters regarding an incumbent’s voting record (either good or bad), remind voters of key election dates, inform voters if they have been purged from voting lists.  At the ODC meeting, the PerSister’s team will provide some coaching.  We will make it a lively, fun and informative time!  If you cannot attend but are willing to do some post carding from your home, we will drop off a packet and you can join us remotely.

Our website has been updated and includes timely information on not only our Club but on other allied efforts to promote democracy.  We have also added videos of recent meetings and presentations.