Can We Afford to be Racially Colorblind in Today’s World?

On February 23, Standing for Justice will be presenting at the Oakmont Democratic Club regular monthly meeting at the East Rec Center. 6:30 p.m. socializing, 7-8:15 p.m. program.

Curious about how our local community, including the City of Santa Rosa, is addressing the roots and fruits of racism? Join Standing for Justice in going under the surface to see where race is an issue in our city and county, and what our local government and organizations are doing to combat racism.

Can we afford to be racially colorblind? Can we live in a bubble where we see everyone as the same? Is equality the same as equity? How can we support those in our community who still experience racial oppression on a daily basis? We can only do something about these strands of racial injustice in our local history and today in our own community if we know where it exists and how we can stand up for racial justice.

A panel of speakers will share with us a historical perspective on race in Santa Rosa/Sonoma County and show us the good anti-racist work that is being done in our midst and how we might join them. Ask questions. Share your thoughts. Let’s dialogue. Join us for an evening that will open your eyes as well as your heart. Come join the conversation. Our democracy demands our attention.