California Ballot Propositions Recommendations

Information on Ballot Propositions for Nov. 03 Election

Welcome back, Progressives.  We hope that your homes did not suffer damage and that you all remain healthy.  
We heard at our last meeting that Progressives would like more information on the many Propositions that will be on the ballot in November.  So we’re sending you a compilation of the recommendations of various organizations, as well as the recommendations of the California Alliance of Retired Americans, a group we’ve long supported for their advocacy of issues important to seniors and Progressive causes.  At our next General Meeting (by Zoom, of course, and sadly). we’ll save time for questions on the various propositions. 

The Progressives have formally endorsed a Yes vote on Proposition 15, the Schools and Communities First Initiative, which would close loopholes that allow corporations to avoid their fair share of property taxes while protecting homeowners and renters (as well as small businesses and agriculture) from tax increases.  I have personally received a very deceptive mailing which thoughtfully calculates what homeowners property taxes would be if Prop 13 had not passed many years ago, as if the current Prop. 15 were a repeal of Prop. 13.  Which is, emphatically, NOT the case.
California Alliance for Retired Americans